Aishwarya Talk’s

Hi ! Welcome to My World  🙂 I am Aishwarya Majmudar and I would Love to share with you My Story.

“When I was Just a Little Girl, I asked My Mother, ‘What Will I Be ? Will I be Pretty, Will I Be Rich ?’

Here’s what she said to me .. ‘Que Sera Sera! Whatever Will Be Will Be ! The Future’s Not Ours to see … Que Sera Sera !”

Being born in a house where everyone loved music , a Musical inclination was natural  🙂

Masti Ki Paathshaala  😉

I started learning Hindustani classical music at the age of three at home and by the time I was five, I my lessons from Shri Monica Shah, Shri Aniket Khandekar and Shri Gautam Mukherjee.

TV and Me !

Watching Musical shows on TV, the whole used to really intrigue me. My Mum and Dad had me record some old Hindi Songs and sent them to Zee TV. I was called for an audition and got selected to go in for the Finals !

At the age of 10, my exciting Musical Journey had begun.

At the age of 14, I participated in Star Voice of India Chhote Ustaad on Star Plus, and after a rigorous five months, Yours Truly became the Winner of The First Ever Star Voice of India Chhote Ustaad, India’s Biggest TV Reality Show !

P.S.: And you thought it was all a Cakewalk !  😛

Chhote Ustaad gave a new influx into my life and I set for an exciting and never ending adventure with music.. have received immense love and affection from music lovers and my fans across the globe, through more than 2000 concerts  🙂

Professional Singing :

I have lent my voice to lots of jingles, have been lucky to win ” Best Female Vocalist ” in Gujarati for three successive years , have also lent my voice for ” Subhash Ghai’s ” movie ” Kaanchi”

I believe we become who we are because everyone around us helps to reach there. I am an extremely Lucky person to have been Blessed with the most amazing Parents, who support me through every turn of my life and make me understand the importance of being a Good Human being first. Importance of valuing our values and being humble and of course enjoying life to the fullest.

A lot of people ask me about the ladder of success. Well, I think the Ladder of Success is Magical !

With every step, it gets longer and longer …. and climbing it is the best, although, the toughest part.

Every step is an Experience, like a coin. And your Life is the Piggy Bank ! Continuous filling of the piggy bank is what takes you to the Highest step of this Ladder.

My Success Mantra is to Believe in Yourself and Love your Work ! And the World will follow !  😀

Apart from Music, The things that keep me Alive, are my hobbies !

I am a people person! I love to be with people and I just Love to Talk  :P.

I love Reading. I can read most anything. Crafts are like my Second half. Crayons, Paper, Paints, Glue, Ribbons… They make me feel alive !

For sports, my favorites are Swimming and Badminton. They keep me active  🙂

That’s a little bit about myself !  😀

I wish all you phenomenal people a Brilliant day ahead !

Cheers !  😀